3 things to know about Twitter

Everyone is doing top 10 things or 40 things you need to know about something. That is too much for my canine brain to process.

So, I am starting the Three Things Revolution! Follow me!

Three things you need to know to use Twitter:
1. Get a Twitter account at http://twitter.com
2. Write interesting tweets
3. Follow some people

That’s it. Everything else will flow from these three things. Trust me.

So, to recap:
Get. Write. Follow.

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3 Responses to 3 things to know about Twitter

  1. #’s 1 & 3: easy
    #2: not always so easy for us humans 😉

  2. You have anew follower. I like the simplicity of your post. Twitter is a very strange place. It’s like people want you to be nosy!

  3. Rufus says:

    @three dog Well, then it’s a good thing some of us have nose to spare! 🙂