A day at Sallie’s Park

There is an abandoned housing project just down the road from Northmont High School that we’ve kinda taken over as an off-leash dog park and renamed Sallie’s Park. Sallie gets all excited when we turn in, so that is why we named it.

Anyway, today she went in back by the tractor and came out with this huge bone that became the game of the afternoon. I have no idea what creature this bone came from and it’s probably best I don’t ask. We left it at the park.

Here are some photos:

2 Replies to “A day at Sallie’s Park”

  1. No, I’m not sure! That was a damn big bone and I was wondering seriously if I should be calling the police. It is probably a small animal, but still. And if you were going to bury Jimmy Hoffa, Clayton, Ohio in some farm field would be the perfect spot. Who’d look way out here in the middle of nowhere?

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