A good lawn is a better lawn

zacksholaThe title of this post is also the positioning statement for the Zack and Shola Lawn Service. Zack and Shola are two enterprising neighborhood boys who figured out they can make money off us older folks by mowing our lawns.

A couple weeks ago, Zack and Shola knocked on my door with the flyer in hand. They had noticed that my lawn was getting a bit long and the edges were a bit rag-tag. They had the solution, the message and the price. In fact, they could mow my lawn that very day if I was willing. I did not have the heart to tell them I was intentionally growing my lawn long on the advice of a friend who was in the professional lawn care business. We had removed a tree the year before and apparently, growing grass longer and cutting it long works!

Anyway, I am running late with the back yard and as I was walking today, I met these two gentlemen at another client down the block. “Could you fit me in today for a back yard mow?” I asked. They could, we agreed 3:00 was the perfect time.

They showed up, they went right to work and 15 minutes later, I had a professionally mowed lawn. Zack even offered to check my lawn in a week and return to mow if needed. Would I like that? He also reminded me that they shovel snow when the weather turned cold.

If I ever started doubting the entrepreneurial spirit and the get-up-and-go of today’s youth, Zack and Shola put that to rest today.

The kids are just fine.

PS If you live in Englewood, Ohio and want Zack and Shola to mow your lawn, send me a DM on twitter. I’ll hook you up.