A thousand words in a million keystrokes

This morning, I pulled the dust cover off the old manual typewriter, rolled a sheet of paper into the carriage and typed something. I wanted to see what it felt like again to be a “real writer.”

In truth, it felt like getting on an old bike after having not ridden for years; slow going at first… a lot of fits and starts but eventually that rhythm… aw, who am I kidding. It was painful as heck. It felt more like learning how to walk and talk again after someone hit you upside the noggin with a hammer and broke both your legs with a Louisville slugger.


5 Replies to “A thousand words in a million keystrokes”

  1. Are you enjoying Donald’s book? I did…

    Excellent post about writing. Since I’ve started using evernote on my iphone i’m starting to write a lot more and [I think] better stuff.

    I can write down some quick thoughts while I’m out and about and when I get back either add to it or put it on the back burner till I have a better grasp of what I was thinking.

    I just wrote on facebook yesterday asking if you need to be a reader of blogs to have a successful blog. The overwhelming response was yes.

    I believe readers make the best writers, would you agree? It seems like an obvious answer but I have found some push back.

  2. I have read several times. I find something new with each read. Anybody who pushes back on the question that you need to be a reader to be a good writer is not a good writer. They are either lying about their reading or they are thinking that they are going to be successful taking shortcuts. There are no shortcuts to becoming a good writer… Writers read many, many, many more words than they write.

  3. I wish I could learn to read a lot less… maybe I should join a Readers Anonymous group or something.. addicted to books and newspapers 🙁

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