Advice to Hockey Moms

I was listening to Sarah Palin speak in Lebanon, OH yesterday and one piece of advice hit me that I really wish all the hockey moms and soccer moms would start embracing.

Celebrate your victory, not your opponent’s defeat.

It’s a simple bit of wisdom, but one that keeps you from turning into a vindictive, rapid animal who will tear at anyone and anything to win an argument, hockey game or an election.

This is an election, not a war. Obama is your opponent, not your enemy. If you should win, allow your opponent grace in defeat. Your recent comments will not give you this competitive edge.

I know it is easier to stir up people with negative ads, snarky comments and sarcasm. Win or lose with this tactic, it does not move our country forward, only fuels a social revolution. It shifts the goal from winning a contest of ideas to defeating an “enemy.” It divides this country more than unites it.

I hope Obama does not get negative, skarky and sarcastic. I hope he rejects that path. I hope that he would rather “lose an election than lose his soul.”

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  1. Rufus – Your Pit Bull page that you linked to on Mudflats is not loading. Wanted to make sure you knew. (I saw the link under the comments section at Mudflats post about Pit Bulls.)

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