Airlines hate women… and guitars… and dogs

Ok, pretty strong statement, but what the heck, it will rank high in Google and get some people to start thinking about the unintended consequences of stupid company policies. So, Women Who Blog, if you are out there and have even the least bit interest in this, sharpen the pens.

I tweeted this out:

Airline luggage fees are unfair to women.. until they stop packing so many damn shoes. Class Action discrimination lawsuit? Hmmmmm

And @JessicaKrogman came back with:

@dogwalkblog I agree. I had to pay $60 both ways to & from New Orleans this weekend on Delta. I packed 5 pairs of shoes for the weekend.

@dogwalkblog I agree! I need comfy shoes for walking. Heels for a night out, options, etc… delta should understand this.

Luggage fees are unfairly skewed toward women as they carry more clothing and have a need for more shoes. Men, on the other hand, can go to a business meeting across the country packing a pair of Dockers, a dress shirt and wear the shoes they need. Underwear optional, but that is an entirely different post.

It may not be a sound legal argument against discrimination, but neither was the Motrin Moms claim or the United Break Guitars claim. But, they were effective in shaping the perception of each brand.

Are luggage fees discriminating against women? I dunno, but if folks care enough, we’ll soon find out.

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One Response to Airlines hate women… and guitars… and dogs

  1. Laurie says:

    I totally get this, and travel is the WORST. I see a lot of my clients wanting to take their pets with them when they travel but they can’t. Either it is too expensive and/or the pet is too large. Also to note I can’t stand Delta…