All dogs go to heaven but dogs who can write live forever

I was struggling with how to go with writing my own obituary. When the idea was thrown out, it was at first exciting. Then it felt kinda weird, like the urge to giggle in church. At one point, I was going to just reject the premise and write something hokey that avoided the whole exercise altogether. In the end, I decided that I would play this one straight.


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About Rufus Dogg

I'm a dog who writes a blog. It is not a pet blog. It is a real blog that talks about real ideas. No, really. I do my own writing, but I have a really, really cool editor who overlooks the fact that I can't really hit the space-bar key cause I don't have thumbs. I talk about everything from politics to social issues to just rambling about local problems. And, sometimes I just talk about nothing in particular. Google+
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12 Responses to All dogs go to heaven but dogs who can write live forever

  1. Bob Borson says:

    being kind to cats might be one of the best attributes of a dog – shows empathy

  2. Joseph says:

    Interesting take on our assignment. It reminds me of what Woody Allen said. “I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work; I want to achieve immortality through not dying.”

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  4. I would miss Rufus Dog, he’s a good pup, one of the best, a dog among humans. I think the first lets blog off that I played in, you said you wrote 3000 words and posted 500. Made me feel good. very sensitive… esp for a dog. cindy @urbanverse

  5. Chamois says:

    Being a cat person myself, I am consoled by the deceased’s kindness towards felines. And fondness is invoked for anyone that can play a banjo that well. Say hello to Lassie and Ol’ Yell’er!

  6. Steve Mouzon says:

    “… He ate ice cream in the snow, he drank coffee in the sun. He told the truth too eagerly to strangers to make friends and lied too easily to friends to make peace. He wore the coat of a warrior and had the eyes of a lover…”

    Wow, that’s the most poetic thing I’ve read today… thanks!

  7. Rufus says:

    Thank you. It felt a bit weirdly narcissistic at first, but then I pretended to be talking about my dog in the third person.. oddly freeing when you slip into a character a species away 🙂

  8. Rufus says:

    I often think about living forever, but then I see movies like The Green Mile and think that must be a horribly painful existence to see so many friends grow old and die. I’ll let my words outlive me.

  9. Rufus says:

    There you go again… 🙂 I finally had a chance to quote Ronald Reagan in context!

  10. Rufus says:

    Nary a day goes by when I don’t trip all over the extra words I brush off my desk onto the floor…

  11. Rufus says:

    And Cujo! He was a good dog, just got a bit messed up by Mr. King. Cats are entertaining, especially the ones that bark at the door and go on walks with us.

  12. ModernSauce says:

    I agree with Steve – that part was my favorite! I’ll give you a good belly rub for that one. ; )