An argument for pulling the plug

Medical symbol

The argument for pulling the plug on someone who is brain dead and on life support is very easy and can be made in two sentences. For now, though, humor me with a short theory on some health insurance stuff.

I think ultimately people buy health insurance in hopes of preventing their own death. Regardless of what kind of plan you have or how much money you throw at your health care, you will die and no insurance policy will prevent that. So let’s change the argument slightly and say that you may not have the right to unlimited health care to prevent your death, but you do have the right to receive health care with dignity, regardless of your economic clout.

Instead of shooting for plans that cover everything, let’s shoot for something in this country that enables the poorest among us to receive health care without shame and without begging for it as if it were a gift bestowed by the rich. Let’s not punish the worker who labored his entire life to build a future for his kids by bankrupting him in the golden years of his life. Let’s live up to the pledge we all made to each other when our founders wrote “all men are created equal” and each of us has an inalienable right to life.

A right to die in dignity does not include begging for simple health care.

Now, the argument for pulling the plug. If you love me, you will not allow me to live in a vegetative state where the only thing keeping me alive is a machine and an insurance policy that has not yet been maxed out. If you hate me or don’t care about me, pulling the plug should be really rather easy.

Easy argument.