Another example of obtuse marketing

Really cool speakers I didn't buy.
Really cool speakers I didn't buy.
I was in a Sam’s Club this afternoon, cruised through the electronics and noticed this really cool speaker set by HMDX Audio. The speakers were rechargeable and wireless. Wow, really cool. Except it said it worked for iPod.

Well, did that mean iPhone 3G also? I don’t know, but I had an iPhone and they had a web site. I fired up Safari, plugged in the web address and was stopped faster than a snowball against a brick wall. The entire site was in Flash.

I left the store without buying the speaker set. Too bad, it was really cool looking and was my impulse purchase for the week.. perhaps the month.

If you sell Apple anything, do not make your Web site using Flash. Honestly, don’t you know we all have iPhones? Except one person in Ohio who maybe bought a Sprint Instinct instead.

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  1. I did a little research, just for giggles. The company does not make any speakers that work with iPhones and (sadly) has no plans to do so.

  2. @Ricky Well, poop! Those were pretty cool speakers. I guess I will just use it with my iPod Touch… that vision Steve Jobs had with the iPhone being a Phone, an iPod, an internet appliance is turning into a crap dream. Why is it cool stuff is almost always one feature away from useful?

  3. No problem, Rufus, my dear doggie.

    I’ve got an iPhone too, and it has been frustrating to find audio accessories that work with it. They all work with the iTouch, but apparently the iPhones have a slightly different audio jack requirement.

    I was at my computer when I read your post, and I liked the look of those speakers too … but I kept seeing that that worked with iPods and iTouch, but no mention of the iPhone.

    So, I called them and just asked point blank. And, that’s when I got the bad news. They don’t seem to realize that there is a HUGE market … completely untapped — for this stuff. And, all they would need to do is fit a different jack onto the speakers.

    An example of being seriously obtuse if you ask me.

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