Another remodel project, sorta

It’s another weekend and I own a house. I should be:

A. Finishing that kitchen remodel job I started two years ago
B. Watching more TV
C. Checking out the site and dream about remodeling

If you answered C, you have just outed yourself as a fellow homeowner.

According to her press release, Veronika Miller, the brainchild behind Modenus, says it is “a comprehensive product catalog and project management platform for the interior design industry launched this month. The catalog portion of the site is generally open to consumers and design professionals, but verified pros have the added benefit of getting access to a collaborative project manager, pro forums and trade only information posted by manufacturers.”

For homeowners like me, it is really a super-cool playground where you can see lots of different kinds of stuff beyond what Lowes or the Home Depot have to offer. You can dream a bit bigger at Modenus.

Check it out! Lots of cool things over there.

PS If Modenus sounds a bit familiar, it is because Veronika is also a driving force behind our bi-weekly #letsblogoff series. Check out her latest here.