Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio is calling me a liar. Again.

I’ve had three small, routine claims this year so far and that triggered the letter I posted here. More accurately, my daughter went to the doctor for a routine physical because that is the responsible thing to do.

I know that from an insurance company’s point of view, determining if they can shove off costs to another insurance company is the fiscally responsible thing to do and I understand subrogation. I used to buy insurance for groups of employees in a past life as an HR VP and I also understand insurance laws as a result of me selling medical devices in a past life. I get all that. Goodie for you, Anthem BCBS of Ohio, you are saving your shareholders money.

As a customer of your plan where you increased my premiums 21.8% last year and 18.2% the year before and consistently for the past seven years, let me tell you how I read your letter.

Dear Double-dipping pile of crap customer,

We think you are lying to us about what insurance plans you have and think you’re trying to stick us with the latest medical bill you generated. Since we have your nuts in our hand anyway, we’re going to make you jump through all these stupid hoops just because we can and you can’t do a damn thing about it because this is legal. And while we’re sending out this stupid letter, we’re going to hold up payments to your doctor until we get your response back. But it’s not likely we’ll pay any part of the claim anyway; we just like to watch you dance you miserable piece of crap.

Thanks for your money. And since you really don’t have much a choice in Ohio anyway, we really don’t care if we piss you off. You’ll come crawling back.

Have a really crappy day.

Faceless person blah, blah, blah.

Before anyone jumps in here and tells me that I should shop around and not buy from Anthem if that is the way they treat customers, buying individual health insurance in Ohio is like a torturer showing you the implements he is going to use on you and you picking out the one that will hurt the least and will kill you the fastest if used. Then hoping he’ll not ever use it. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield sucks, but the other choices suck worse.

And now insurance companies claim they have to raise premiums 20%+ to offset the costs of the Health Care Reforms passed earlier this year? What were the increases for last year?

And why again should we not be furious with health insurance companies? Is it the wholesale leeching or the blatant insults? Or is it a dread fear that our lawmakers who may be in power starting next year are entirely clueless about the state of health care insurance in HIS OWN STATE?? Please, somebody tell me as with my health insurance choices, I am literally dying to know.


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  1. Are you sure you didn’t copy MY letter to MY insurance company? I too buy individual health insurance from my state Blue Cross. My last insurance co (supposedly a place for small businesses & single entrepreneurs to get group rates through a natl association) non-renewed me a couple of years ago “just because.” And like you, I am doing the responsible thing buying insurance and paying for huge rate increases every year, because it is the right thing to do. Many individuals I know don’t, and then depend on hospitals and emergency care to cover them. Hospitals do this, and then those costs are passed down to the suckers like us that buy insurance.

    Here is what totally confounds me. Republicans claim that they don’t want to support/pay for anyone else’s anything; people should be responsible for themselves. Fine. You want money -> get a job, they claim. Yet there is this huge whole in their logic when it comes to paying for health care. They seem hung up on the idea of “forcing” someone to pay for insurance. Should hospitals refuse sick people if they don’t have coverage? Why do we require drivers to have liability insurance, yet requiring health insurance violates their civil rights? EVERYONE eventually gets sick. And we all die, usually while sick.

    I do not want to live in a world where we have sick and dying people on the sidewalk. Yet this is the logical conclusion to doing it the Republican way. What is wrong with this picture?

  2. Even if we approach the issue from a National Security point of view, if everyone were kept at the optimal health mentally and physically, what country would dare attack? Or from a capitalist point of view; what company does not maintain its equipment? Ok, a little demeaning, but people are a “machine” in a capitalist economy. Sick and dying people are less productive so why not keep them in optimal shape, at least through their productive years?

    But simply reducing people to a plot on the productivity grid, i.e., you can live as long as you make us money is a bit unnerving. What about the artists and philosophers? Republicans think they are doing this all by their own hand and they shouldn’t have to pay for someone else. But the truth of the matter is that they are what they are and have what they have on the wings of the generation that went before them and them that went before them. I’ve never fully understood how you can look at humanity around you and thump your chest and say “I made myself what I am! I did this all myself!” How utterly myopic.

  3. Yes, @monaksart said it pefectly. But alas, everyone is not quite as enlightened. It’s been one the truly disappointing revelations of my adult life. 🙂

  4. Looked at them.. They want way too much info to give me an estimate. Maybe I’ll put somebody on it when I have a moment, but that is what I have a broker for.

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