Anxious or excited?

Yesterday, I took both Charlie and Sallie to the vet for some routine check up stuff, including getting their license, a shot each and heart worm testing. Charlie is the German Shepherd and Sallie is the lab mix. While they are two large dogs (75 and 110 pounds) they are generally easy to handle together — except when they go to the vet.

Sallie gets all excited about meeting new people and exploring new rooms she has never been in. She sees the visit to the vet as an opportunity to expand her world and maybe get a new treat, make a new friend, etc. Her ears dance and she quite literally smiles.


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  1. Bless! I totally understand how Charlie feels – Bingo was always that way. Take it in pride that Sallie sees it as a socializing opportunity.

  2. My favorite blog of yours, ever. You really captured the reality of “the future” in a way that captures the reality of life.

    Liza MInelli said when she’s nervous she tells herself she’s just excited. Same andrenaline, different outlook.

  3. I believe that attitude has a huge effect on outcome. Scott’s comment about Liza Minelli states it quite well. Of course, there’s always Monty Python — “Always look on the bright side of life…” 🙂

    Great post!

  4. @Scott @Raun

    Some time ago, a Facebook friend wrote on her wall:

    “bought a car, am getting my hair done, AND on top of all that, had mac and cheese pizza for lunch. This is just the best day ever.”

    It could have just as easily read:

    “incurred long-term debt on a rapidly depreciating asset, contributed to our culture’s ideal, unreal expectations of female beauty and consumed a high-fat, high-carbohydrate food-like product. This is just the worst day ever.”

    and still have been true.

    All about perspective…

  5. She has “happy ears” and thinks that when I talk to someone on the street, it is ok to run to them for an ear skritch. So, I’ve had to be careful not to talk to anyone on the walks… it makes me look like a jerk to the neighbors *sigh* The sacrifices I make….

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