Are you sure about that?

Years ago, I was hired in from a field management job to a corporate training job. My job — or so I was told when they transferred me — was to take the training I had developed that produced rapid and reproducible results in the field and apply it across the country. What happened in reality was the training director who was currently doing train the trainer, sales and executive training was ready to move up and he wanted someone to replace him.

And do exactly what he was doing. Exactly how he was doing it.

I spent that first year learning how to be like him, how to deliver the training exactly as he was doing it. His method was very pedagogical. He would seat field trainers (who were used to working with their hands all day, assembling and repairing bicycles) in a classroom for 8-10 hours and “teach” them what he was certain of. For two solid days. And then send them back and expect great results.


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3 Responses to Are you sure about that?

  1. James Dibben says:

    Enjoyed the story and your challenge.

    I’ll submit to you that when ‘normal’ citizens do step up and ask hard and courageous questions they are attacked and ridiculed to no end.

    That’s exactly what I saw with that Joe plumber guy.

    I [think] we would agree that one mistake he made was getting too involved with one media outlet.

    But, he was a very average guy who was brave enough to stand up and ask questions. He was manipulated by one news company and villainized by the others.

  2. Rufus Dogg says:

    Joe the Plumber was an interesting case. I think he saw (or was told to see) fame and sought it out. But, he is an example of the extreme sloth and stupidity of the political candidates and the media. Joe fit a “narrative” too easily and they just ran with it without any thought whatsoever to the hell they were making of his life. Media are part of the problem without a doubt! They are superficial and lazy, borderline stupid. Definitely arrogant, especially television news.

    Ordinary citizens also need to understand that they CAN tell media to go f*ck off and shoo them off the lawn… even with a hose and very large dogs if necessary. Just because media sticks a microphone in your face, doesn’t obligate you to talk.

  3. James Dibben says:


    I love it!

    Yeah, I would have loved some video of Joe telling them to take a hike once he said what he originally wanted to say.