Autumn first run: Leaves

Paul Anater over at Kitchen and Residential Design is running some How-To articles on Autumn, so I thought I’d add at least one more to his growing library. This is about how to survive raking and blowing leaves.

If you have not yet bought a house in the suburbs, don’t! If it is already too late and you plunked down some money on your “dream” that will suck away your every waking minute, hopefully we can help save you a bit of time and anxiety about raking and gathering leaves at the end of summer.



8 Replies to “Autumn first run: Leaves”

  1. I was able to wait until all the leaves were off the trees so I only had to do it once, thank God. And, I don’t have a leaf blower, a rake and an old shower curtain work for me. This american dream thing about home ownership that they foist on us is total crap. I say that as I’m planning to spend the time and money to remodel my kitchen… 🙂

  2. I used to buy into all that homeowner dream stuff until a friend of mine asked, “How much time do you spend beating back nature? Wouldn’t your rather spend that time doing stuff with your kids?” And I started adding up all the hours I spent mowing the yard and fixing the plumbing and the number of times I said, “I can’t because I have to do [insert homeowner task here]” and realized my life was held hostage by my house. So, I am on a mission to simplify and minimize and eventually get out. It’s a process.

  3. We usually get a strong wind to blows them up against the fence and they are easier to haul away, but we didn’t get anything this year. 🙁 We did do our neighbors a solid by having some overhanging trees cut prior to the leaves falling off. So far, they have not tried to thank us with any redneck baked good…

  4. .. and throughout the post, I did try to work in “be a good neighbor and blow leaves that will most likely end up in your neighbors yard” but my editor kept cutting that out…

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