Barack Obama’s real challenge from the Oval Office tonight

Here is a map of the US depicting how its citizens feel about the Gulf Oil Gusher.

BP Oil gusher US citizens care map

Whenever I see the media claim that public anger is rising, I take a look around me and not one of my neighbors appear to be concerned. The media, politicians and Gulf area residents appear to have rising anger. The rest of us don’t seem to really give a crap. The media is angry because they are being denied access; the politicians are angry because it is a political opportunity to be so and the residents in the Gulf are just scared and broken.

So this is President Obama’s greatest challenge; to talk to a nation that is more ticked off that Glee was pre-empted than the Gulf is being destroyed.

Is this an unfair characterization of our nation’s attitude toward the Gulf Oil Gusher? Discuss.

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  1. It’s not unfair in the least. Even here, the sense of vague panic fades 10 miles inland. Curiously, the price of gasoline is down 20 cents since this whole thing started. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I think the rest of the country will finally sit up and take notice when the price of gasoline doubles in September. I fear that this will be a death blow to the economies of the states that line the Gulf Coast. This is just starting:

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