Be patient with GenY; winter is coming

Ryan Healy with Brazen Careerist posted an article up on the blog a few days ago, asking GenY to tell companies what they want. A flood of comments have come in since and will probably get a few more as the “old folks” wander into the office on Monday morning and peek at what the “crazy kids” are doing with their time.

A lot of the comments were GenY-ers, asserting themselves. Then the old farts would try to slap them back, then they would get riled again…. it goes on. Here is a short story to shed some light on all this.

When I was a young pup, we owned a laundromat in the Crocus Hill area of St. Paul. One year, around July or so, a large contingent of folks wearing robes, no shoes or anything leather descended on the area, preaching love, animal rights, tree-hugging, etc. They berated us locals for wearing shoes, belts and killing animals for clothing. After about a month of this, the local business owners had just about enough of them wandering into the shops, begging for money, preaching, etc. The subject of what to do with them came up at a local chamber meeting.

One of the older business owners stood up and said, “Don’t worry, winter is coming.”

Sure enough, when October hit and the ground got too cold to walk on, they left the area for warmer climes. And things got back down to normal. But, they left us with an experience and a short parable to write on this blog to a new generation a couple decades later.

So, don’t worry about GenY. Let them rattle a few cages, bellow out their rants and bend the older folks to change. Watch and listen for stories you can use to educate a new generation.

Winter is coming soon for GenY, too.

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