Before you hear it from anyone else…

Before it leaks all over the news, Barack Obama offered me the job of official White House dog a couple years back. I declined, so Bo is now doing it. And I did not serve as a bomb-sniffing dog in any foreign wars, though I may have mentioned it to a cute poodle from time to time at a dog park because, you know.. I’m a dog. But that is it… well ok, maybe I might have stretched the truth about my service with FEMA in NYC and New Orleans, but poodles are really cute and I just got caught up in the moment. It seemed a harmless lie at the time.

And my dad did not die fighting the Nazis in Germany. He was a run of the mill, lazy mutt despite his obvious German ancestry. He lived a leisurely life on a farm in Pennsylvania. I’m not sure about my grandfather, though, but at some point one of my relatives had to have served in some army somewhere.

I figured I would come clean before any nosey reporters started digging around my past.

This post started out an a snarky comment on the Rachel Maddow blog, whereupon I was promptly accused of masquerading as a cat. That can not stand! Fans, leave a comment and set at least that part of the record straight.

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