Being authentic

Guy included me in his Alltop magazine rack early on in the site life ( and I’ve been a fan since. Actually, I have always been a fan of Guy. When Neenz sent a Facebook message to the Alltop group about getting some cool Alltop stickers, I was there. Sent my mailing address in and waited eagerly by the mailbox.

Anyway, this is what I received:

The hand-written address, the real postage stamp, the lack of any slick marketing! I feel like FAMILY!

Guy doesn’t know I’m here and doesn’t really need me to feel like I’m part of a family. But it sure makes Alltop one of more favorite sites all over again!

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4 Responses to Being authentic

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  2. Glad you’re back. You’ve been family here for quite awhile.

  3. Guy Kawasaki says:

    Glad you like our service. Please send us a photo with you and your sticker and we’ll up load it to the Alltop Flickr feed.



  4. Ricky Maveety says:

    Guy was a very good friend of mine during the late 70s and early 80s, he was a genuine person back then, and recent contact with him has demonstrated to me that he hasn’t changed one bit in nearly 30 years.

    It’s nice to know that there are other out there who appreciate both Guy and his online magazine rack.