Blame the terrorists.. again

41nhb5qfrl_sl500_aa240_Generation Y isn’t lazy, impatient, demanding, high-maintenance and self-absorbed. They are just living life fully, in the moment, every day. Why? Because of terrorism.


Yes, says Tamara Erickson in a recent podcast posted on GenY came of age during the era of terrorism and that affected them so much that they seek to be in the moment just in case everything comes crashing down around them in a single, unpredictable moment.

Perhaps they seek to be in the moment because they have been handed everything by their Boomer parents? Perhaps they don’t know how to delay gratification. Maybe? Even just a little bit? Is there no depth to which GenY will not stoop to blame someone or something else for their failing?

There are all sorts of other tangents that Erickson goes down that are flawed reasoning. For example, she suggests that corporations give them a task, but don’t over-train them, let them figure it out. The problem there is GenY really has no skills nor do they have any sense of when a project is complete or well done. The conclusion most would draw is “If my boss has a problem with the quality of my work, he will give me feedback. Otherwise, its all good.”

Sounds like a theory being backed into a book.

2 Replies to “Blame the terrorists.. again”

  1. Terrorism? I call bullshit on that. As an older Gen-Y, I watched the towers fall while sitting on my couch with a hangover. And it certainly hasn’t made me more or less likely to do something.

    However, the idea of ‘over-training’ is absolutely correct. My folks raised me to be self-reliant (not showered with gifts, but then again we were kinda poor), so I’ve always been a ‘figure it out’ kinda guy. Also, there is a good chance I’ll be using technology my boss has zero experience with. So why should he show me how to do it by hand, when I’ll be doing it in Excel?

  2. @norcross and I say “Why do it in Excel when you should be doing it with MySQL and PHP” 🙂 Yeah, the terrorism is a bit of a stretch, but Erickson said it with a straight face… so… maybe….. um…. no.

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