Bongo disagrees with Rufus

Bongo lives in Støvring, Denmark and thinks that his city is the 11th best place to live, not Copenhagen. So, maybe we re-number the list a bit… 11, Støvring, 11.5, Copenhagen.

Here’s Bongo “enjoying” living (and sleeping!) in Støvring.
Bongo hoping nobody bothers him Bongo is getting annoyed at the camera

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2 Responses to Bongo disagrees with Rufus

  1. Bongo says:

    Huraaaaaaaaaae – i dag skal jeg til LØKKEN 🙂 så har jeg ikke tid til at sove så meget, for der skal jeg ned til Vesterhavet og gå lange ture og fange måger!
    God weekend! VOV VOV

  2. Rufus says:

    Not sure about that whole “getting wet in the North Sea” thing, but sure do like Løkken!

    Enjoy the weekend!!