A distraction

In order to distract you from the fact that I have not written a serious bog post for the past two weeks, please enjoy this video of some dogs wrestling in the park over their lunch break.

Don’t worry, the skinny redhead always comes out on top. Really.

Awesome business videos

My BFF Chris Celek started up this really cool service for small businesses to get started using video for their web sites, social media presence, etc. So he calls me up and asks if I wanted to be a guinea pig to test out the cameras, instructions and his final edits.

What?!? A chance to play with toys? I’m all in!

Anyway, we shot some stuff, talked into a mic and sent the whole mess back to Chris, sort of like stuffing a big pile of dog poop into a bag and handing it off to someone else.

And out of that bag of sh….. well, he made this for us. He even gave my editor a cameo.


Incidentally, Awesome Business Videos is where Chris lives. Give him a call. Or a tweet.

Is it hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk?

We all got ourselves scared silly by the apocalyptic weather reporting around here and after obsessively checking to make sure the water dishes were full and the hammer to bust out a car window was safely stowed in the van, we just plumb ran out of things to do.

And then our minds started to wander.. And wonder.

Being the scientifically inquisitive dogs we are, we decided to test that myth of a sidewalk being hot enough to fry an egg.

The MythBusters Adam and Jamie would be so proud.

Enjoy our experiment.


Charlie and Sallie sing Piano Man [VIDEO]

This morning, Charlie and Sallie were in a singing mood, so I grabbed my harmonica and Flip camera and recorded them singing Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.” It is a little off-key, the harmonica isn’t as great as it could be as I was playing with one hand and trying really hard not to laugh.

I hope you enjoy their inaugural performance! (Sallie starts in about :54)

Hotels are going to the dogs

I watched a video on Chris Brogan’s blog where he spoke at Like Minds and he mentioned the Roger Smith Hotel. As frequently happens, my mind wandered as Chris rattled on (sorry Chris!) and so I went out to Google and checked out the Roger Smith Hotel.

Turns out they have this dog named Henry who makes his own bed. Funny stuff. Video below.

So, I’m now following @rshotel and they are my new New York Hotel. Is this the way all this social media stuff is supposed to work? I dunno, but it seems if you want folks to stay at your hotel or visit your business, get a dog. The Broadmoor has Ruger, the Roger Smith has Henry. I wonder what other hotels have dogs?

If you do, comment below. And when we’re on the road, that’s where we’ll be staying!