Can she play second fiddle?

Sarah Palin and John McCain. Lifted from
Sarah Palin and John McCain. Lifted from
I watched John McCain last night. The speech was a little long, but what do you do when you’ve been introduced for four straight days as a legend? Reminds me of the build-up that Mitch Cohen got for the first half hour or so in A Mighty Wind. He turned out to be a flawed character, but I digress.

John McCain, if elected president, will live through two terms. If not, he will live another 20+ years. I don’t think we will see a Sarah Palin presidency for at least eight years.

The media is asking if Palin is ready to be president. The real question the media should be asking of Sarah Palin is:

Can she play second fiddle?

After all, that is the job she is going for. She is not going to Washington as the boss, but as the most second-fiddle position that has ever been created. Ever. Anywhere.

By her own admission, she ran for the PTA because she could do things better. Then, she ran for mayor because she could govern better. Same reason she ran for governor. Hmmmmm. starting to see a pattern emerge here. Should John McCain be nervous? Should he start hiring a food taster? 🙂

I’ve seen hundreds of Sarah Palins along the sidelines of soccer games and in the bleachers of hockey games. They start off as the helpful mom who always brings the snacks. Then, they volunteer to run the fundraisers and pretty soon, they are terrorizing the parents into financial compliance and strong-arming the coach into starting their kid all the time.

Their husbands act the martyr to get other parents to talk to him, all the while sharing the “intelligence” with the team mom. They feed off newly-minted parents who are naive enough to believe that organized sports is good for their child. In the end, they leave a wake of human carnage in crushed self-esteem, rage and helplessness. All the while, they are “thinking of the children.” In the end, even their children do anything they can to shirk the blanket of control. Some quit the team; some join the Army; some get pregnant… well, you see where I am going here.

But, the team mom is always the “sweetest thing.” Very upbeat, very helpful, always there for you.

Can Palin play second fiddle? Probably. She knows the steps to power.

I want to like Palin, but it is that same feeling of “like” that you get from the team mom. Once you’ve been down that road and taken in, you just know how it will all end. And it won’t end in your favor. I see the same “glow” on the faces of women at the RNC and I want to bark to take a step back and ask themselves “where you have seen her before?

You’ve seen her on the sidelines at your hockey or soccer game. Only this time, the power prize is real and far more dangerous.

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  1. I totally “get” where you are going. Palin playing second fiddle isn’t sitting right with me either…me thinks you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    Nice post!

  2. @Rebecca Watching her in the latest round with McCain is convincing me that she is the boss. Then, McCain decides to campaign with her because of her star power? These are disturbing signs.

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