Charlie and Sallie sing Piano Man [VIDEO]

This morning, Charlie and Sallie were in a singing mood, so I grabbed my harmonica and Flip camera and recorded them singing Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.” It is a little off-key, the harmonica isn’t as great as it could be as I was playing with one hand and trying really hard not to laugh.

I hope you enjoy their inaugural performance! (Sallie starts in about :54)

2 Replies to “Charlie and Sallie sing Piano Man [VIDEO]”

  1. OMG too funny! At first Charlie looked like he was saying – “Come on Dad – I just want to sleep – quit playing the harmonica” then Sallie looked at Charlie like he was crazy. Took her a while but she did join in. Very funny!

  2. I got them right after morning walk, so they were a bit tired. Otherwise, they are all over the place and hard to video! It was a bit unfair.

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