Clearing the clippings

It has happened again, more news story clippings are piling up on my desk faster than I can comment on them. So, here is the quick dump of stuff so my brain can breathe again.

Everyone deserves a second chance
No, no they don’t. You should take the time to do it right the first time. Not everything is a dress rehearsal for the real thing. Life is not a dress rehearsal. An article from the WSJ about how kids are taking the ACT/SATs over and over and how colleges are accepting the best scores from each section, rather than the scores on single exams. Get a clue, colleges! You may be helping your enrollment numbers, but you are not doing these kids any favors.

The fine art of copyright
ed-aj164_infoag_d_20090315210910jpgAn article in the WSJ about Garcia vs Fairey about him using Mr. Garcia’s photograph of Obama for the artwork on the posters, campaign, etc. L. Gordon Crovitz gets to the heart of copyright. The photog Mr. Garcia spent money to fly to the event, waited patiently for the correct pose and lighting ad then took the photo. Mr. Fairey simply lifted the photo from the internet, added a couple Photoshop filters to it and called it his work. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It is bad enough when clueless corporate weenie steal art, but when artists do it to each other, that is more than wrong. Shameful.

How to Twitter
An article by Julia Angwin on how to twitter for business, etc. Just a thing that stuck out as clueless in her article. She called CSS a Web program. CSS is not a “Web program” but a way to apply styles to content on Web pages. I was believing she did her research and knew what she was talking about until I read that, then she just lost me.

Now, seriously, after one article in the WSJ, Julia gets 1,683 followers? Seriously? How can a dog possible compete with that. Old marketing rules still apply, people.

School levy fall of the ballot
In the Dayton Daily News, Neighbors. Apparently, school levies ARE marketing-driven. After realizing that asking for more money during a recession is probably stupid, they tabled the Trotwood levy. Apparently school boards can be taught. I don’t expect the lesson to stick, but for now….

The groundwork has already been laid for Martial Law
This appeared in the Englewood Independent. A year ago, I would have said “interesting.” Two years ago, I would have dismissed this guy as a nut job. Today, he has my attention.

Well, that is all for the clipping desk. I’m sure it will start building up again starting tomorrow, but for now, sure feels good to start with a desktop I can see again!