Climate change thoughts

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The two-week climate change conference in Copenhagen began Monday. Only another ten days or so of being lectured by Danes on how we are screwing up everything. It’s ok, its a very Danish thing to do. Ask any Dane.

And the conservative talk shows are all up in a tizzy over the emails that were hacked recently, calling into question the entire Global Warming movement, Al Gore’s credibility, etc, etc. But, the facts remain; the world is getting warmer and the science of increased carbon in the atmosphere is helping accelerate the warming. Since humans are multiplying and increasing activities that increase the volume of carbon in the atmosphere, if I was a betting pooch, I would bet with the inductive reasoning even if I don’t have all the conclusive facts. Call it a hunch.

The argument the Conservative are using reminds me of an old riddle. You can read it via the link, but briefly, a man was convicted of a crime, sentenced to death at noon on a day the judge will disclose at 11:00am. Sitting in his jail cell, the prisoner deduced through logic that it was not possible for the sentence to be carried out. Eventually, though, the judge really did hang him at noon on one day.

The Conservatives have reasoned their way into believing that global warming is not happening by way of the same logic the prisoner used. Only the planet really is heating up and eventually the ice caps will melt and the shores will be under water.

Good time to rethink that move to Dayton, Ohio, right? No crazies allowed; we already have our recommended number allowed.