Clinton many things, but not a proud dog owner

Not a proud dog owner and no record of advocacy for canine rights, but still a pretty good speaker. Listen for the reference to “Iran” at 8:29-8:52 clever.

A note to the Democrats: We don’t want to be “taken care of.” We just don’t want to work our entire lives to create a home and a small amount of wealth and always be one heart attack away from bankruptcy. We just don’t want our income to be eroded by bad dollar policy. We don’t want our homes to be worthless because we can’t sell them. We just want a fair playing field and opportunity to achieve reward for smart and hard work.

Don’t strive to “take care of us.” Strive to create a country that values human life and effort beyond the value to which dogs can contribute economically. Dogs are so much more than their economic viability. Value that as well.

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