Colors of the Union

I watched the State of the Union last night.. mostly what I heard was that voice that Charlie Brown hears whenever the teacher talks, so I drifted off quite a bit and started looking at other things.. Here is what I noticed:

Dick Chaney was wearing a purple tie… but not a REAL purple tie; i was more red than blue. Is that a small concession or a little private joke from Lynn, who you know dressed him. I vote it is a private joke. *chuckle*

President Bush was wearing a blue tie, but not a REAL blue tie.. a light blue tie. Can you say “I acknowledge blue, but I’m not going to commit to the full, rich, deep color blue”? And, when was the last time you saw a Democrat wearing a light red tie… oops, that would be pink and I think Donald Trump already has the trademark on that.

Now, here is the most interesting thing and I’m surprised nobody has commented on this yet. Laura Bush was in BRIGHT FRICKIN’ FIRE-ENGINE RED from head to toe! While her husband was saying conciliatory things to the Democratic Majority, she was screaming from the balcony, “WE STILL HAVE THE WHITE HOUSE!! CHOKE ON THAT!” 🙂 Well, maybe she wasn’t saying those exact words, but her suit sure was!

They say dogs are color blind, but we’re not really. We just tell you humans we are because it is fun to notice these things. Most of what you SAY isn’t all that interesting. But, you sure do scream what you really mean to say by the way you dress.

Take a tip from us dogs: Go around naked and let your parts hang out. That is the only way people can really see the real you. Or, maybe you don’t want that. So, everybody buy grey suits and ties. Then you can really pull off the lies. Or put the HDTV industry out of business by going back to B&W. I have a date at Tim’s. gotta go!