Combating urban noise

Ever pull up to a stop light and have a bratty little teen-ager with his sub woofers pounding a dent in your quarter panels? Well, here is a canine solution to that!

Get a German Shepherd and Golden Labrador and teach them how to howl on command. Then, open the windows and start the ruckus! It may not stop the “music” but it is loads of fun to watch the surprised look on a teen’s face at this crazy white guy, howling away with his two dogs!

P.S. There is NO YouTube video of this… or ever will be probably…

2 Replies to “Combating urban noise”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my site. And thanks for keeping up your site. I’d guess Rufus was to you what Bacchus is to me; we share an identity and even when he’s no longer with me I’ll keep the same sight as a permanent memorial.

    Now, you really ought to get into video! I’d love to see those canine sub “woofers” in action!

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