Confessions of the creative wannabe

I remember buying a tape recorder at Radio Shack when I was twelve or thirteen years old. It was one of those old ones that you loaded the cassette tape into the top and plugged in a wired microphone. I remember how excited I was that this piece of gear would allow me to record sounds that had never been recorded before, including my own voice. When you’re young, you think the sound of your own voice is pretty cool. As you get older, you discover not so much.

I got bored pretty quickly with the recorder as I thought a 16mm video camera would be even cooler. I never did get one, but only because VHS video cameras came out before I had enough money to buy one. I hear nobody makes 16mm movie camera anymore.


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  1. 1. “It’s the difference between a piano player and a musician. One strikes all the right keys at all the right times; the other uses the instrument to extend his soul.” <—-This. Yes. Exactly. Well put.

    2. I asked for a camcorder for xmas one year. I loved making idiotic, mundane films that only my friends and I "got." I used it for about 6 months before moving on to another creative hobby. I can't help but wonder what might have happened had someone cultivated that hobby with editing classes… My parents wonder how they could have spent that money otherwise…

    3. Is it a Canon? I would totally buy your lens and other items if it is… but the "Ni…" on the strap leads me to think otherwise….

    4. Why have I never commented before? Probably because, well, bullet-ed/listed comments? I mean, come on, who does that?


  2. Canon??? Bite your tongue. We only shoot Nikon around here πŸ™‚ I say I want to sell them.. I mean it… but not really. When you really need a fast DSLR and a 400mm 3.5 lens and second shooter 50mm, nothing compares to being fully kitted. Plus, show up at a high school game with a long lens like that, they wave you in, thinking you’re with a newspaper πŸ™‚

    I have a basement and garage full of creative stuff my son needed to have as well.. the largest thing is a pottery wheel. He’ll come back to it eventually. Good thing I didn’t buy that kiln. I was close, though!

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