Congratulations, Mr. President

Congratulations, Mr. President

Congratulations, Mr. President

Following that speech, my new resolutions for 2009 and beyond are:
– To reject negative thinking and reject anyone who says, “That is not possible” and seek out those who say “How can we do that.”
– To reject any and all who speak racists comments and to speak up without hesitation, whether friend or not.
– To quit doing what provides no value to others or myself.

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2 Responses to Congratulations, Mr. President

  1. Laura Wright says:

    Rufus – you are my kind of dog. Get ready for some opposition though – the world is not all open-minded. Thanks for being on our side.

  2. Rufus says:

    @laura People like to “kick the dog” a lot. The good news is you get tough enough so that a kick in the ribs ain’t all that bad. And, BTW, we still took 3 walks every day, even though it snowed a lot! 🙂