Content was king then, it’s still king

Watch this video from Manfred Mann. (thanks, DadsUpLate for the inspiration!)

You can’t listen to this song without turning up the speakers past ear-shattering levels, singing along in your worst possible voice and dancing that Do Wah Diddy dance that has your butt straining just inches above your seat. Ok, maybe that’s just me, but I doubt it!

Why does it have that effect on us? The video is just a black and white of a ’60s rock band doing the cheesy guitar stance, shaking the maracas and the panning the overhead crane. There are no naked dancers anywhere, no story line, nothing that makes a modern rock video.

It works because the band had great content; a snappy song they just sang. No glitz, no spinning balls or funky fonts to hide the content. Just killer content. And they let the content stand alone in all it’s naked glory.

Content was king then, it’s still king.