Curb stomping

First, watch the opening scene from American History X. It is rather graphic, but please watch it through. (About 7:00min) If you have not seen the movie, please rent it. It will make you very uncomfortable, but it will make you think.

Now watch the more recent curb stomping that happened just last night by Rand Paul Bourbon County campaign coordinator Tim Proffit on Lauren Valle, a protestor outside the debate hall.

You should now have chills up and down your spine. This is what we are coming to in American politics. It should make you very uncomfortable; it should make you think.

It should scare the hell out of you.

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  1. What is really, really scary is that someone is so frustrated at someone else for disagreeing with their IDEAS that they resort to violence to resolve the issue. I don’t care how many times Rush Limbaugh or Rand Paul or Megyn Kelly says that Tim Profitt was just helping to restrain Lauren Valle, Lauren was already restrained on the ground and Tim just maliciously stomped on her. Whether it was pre-meditated or not, I don’t think that really matters; he was hyped up on frustration, anger and impotence.

    What makes me gasp in horror is Lauren was 1-2 stomps away from a spinal cord injury or worse, dying from asphyxiation from a C1/2 fracture right there on the curb. Whomever waved Profitt off probably saved her life.

  2. I am absolutely disgusted by those people. Makes me ashamed to be from Kentucky. To treat someone else like that is unfathomable to me. I guess one can only express their views just so long as it does not upset or disagree with the other party.

    I can’t believe he got as far as he did with this. All of those people around and only 1 person stopped him. I agree with Rufus. That man saved her life.

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