Dayton Irony

This morning, we had to drop the van off for some warranty work. It took an hour, so we went off around Riverscape, downtown, etc… As you walk through Riverscape, there are points of interest markers, detailing the exploits of Daytonians. The pop-top can, the self starter for cars, carbon paper, powered controlled flight and computer file search — among other things — were invented in Dayton. In short, we have probably the best and the brightest who lived and invented here in Dayton. Yet, the irony of it all: as I contemplated whether to take the street path or the river path, I looked down at the river path and it was under water…

All these wonderful inventions and we can’t figure out how to keep the river from overflowing onto the river path….. yeah, we took the street path.. Rufus hates water…

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