Dear Dunkin’ Donuts

We recently sent a letter to Mr. Will Kussell of Dunkin’ Donuts. In it we said:

I recently viewed the television commercial your company is running featuring a family and their dog, being entranced by the television, only to be jolted from that state by a box of Dunkin’ Donuts.

While I applaud your creativity and agree that Dunkin’ Donuts have the magical powers you claim, we at the DogWalkBlog object to the use of the family dog being the lone victim of the television trance.

A real dog would have been able to smell your delicious product through two exterior doors, out to the driveway and through the metal of a car door. He would have been at the door, with his tail wagging in anticipation of being able to eat a Dunkin’ Donut. In short, Mr. Kussell, no self-respecting dog would allow himself to be snared in the television trance as suggested by your commercial.

We therefore respectfully request that you re-write your commercial to feature an alternate ending. If you would like to “go for the funny” as they say in show business, may we suggest the family cat? Many other brands have used the cat without any negative feedback.

We hope you will consider this notice and our subsequent request in the spirit of helpfulness in which it was offered and hope strongly that you can accommodate the request herein. If you have any further questions, I can be reached on Twitter by tweeting @dogwalkblog or through my web site at

To view the letter as a PDF file, click here. Keep watching Twitter to see how all this gets resolved.

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