Dogs bring civilization wherever they go

Catherine Osborne wrote an interesting paragraph for her article “Bien chien” in the magazine Design Lines Toronto.

Starbucks used to be the sign a neighbourhood was on a gentrification upswing. But now, it’s your local dog boutique. They’re everywhere – spas that offer organic shampoos, daycare centres with webcam feeds, bakeries that sell handmade biscuits with restaurant-grade ingredients.

Really cool that dogs are now setting the standards for urban renewal, gentrification and all things cultured!

Thanks,  la Culture Populaire!  (Not so much, Design Lines Toronto which has a crappy web site.)

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2 Responses to Dogs bring civilization wherever they go

  1. Haven’t dogs always set the standard for gentrification? Lol.

  2. Rufus says:

    Dogs have always been “upper crust.” Just ask any cat!!