Dogs, coffee, newspapers and Sunday morning

On the seventh day, God created newspapers, coffee, dogs and comfy covers. Add he looked at what he created and simply said, “Snuggle with thy dog, read the newspaper and savor thy coffee, for it is all very, very good.”

And then, and only then, after He created these really cool things that every Sunday morning needs, He rested.

And the dog sighed with his head upon His lap.

Now tell me again, why do we want to read from Kindles and get our Sunday news from the Internet?

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2 Responses to Dogs, coffee, newspapers and Sunday morning

  1. Bonnie Harris says:

    You have also unearthed the hidden text of the Book of Canine, I see.

  2. Rufus says:

    Buried between the Scrolls of Rodentia and the Canonical Book of Feline