Don’t call me a geezer on twitter

Yesterday, I read a tweet from a young someone I’m following who had jury duty. She tweeted:

The judge just told us we are not allowed to create a blog about the trial. The geezers in the room laughed. I twittered it our.

My first reaction was annoyance with the blatant disregard of the judge’s order (yes, Twitter IS a blog.. a micro-blog, but technically, a blog!) and putting the Sixth Amendment rights of the defendant in jeopardy AND risking a mis-trial AND risking jail time AND a fine for contempt. Small things, but as long as this non-geezer, GenY got to tweet out something, that is all that mattered.

All that aside, I got to thinking about what a geezer is. Someone over 30? 40? 50? Is it age-based or is it based on our behaviors and values? I argue the latter.

I Twitter. I write blogs, several. I have an iPhone and use more features on it than just the big keypad (thank you Apple for making the keys big enough for geezer fingers.) I think is a vacation spot. I have a Facebook account AND a LinkedIn account. Am I an anomaly?

Turns out I’m not really that odd. Many of my generation is getting it and are online in pretty significant numbers. In an article that appeared in (Dec. 1, 2008)

Look at the following graph of usage by age. Notice also that Boomers have been split into older and newer Boomers (about time someone did)

Note that the percentage difference between Young Boomers-GenY and Young Boomers-Old Boomers is about the same, 11/12%. Even older Boomers and Silent Generations are online at numbers greater than 50%.

So, GenY, us “geezers” are online and in fairly big numbers. We understand a lot of this Web 2.0 stuff you believe to be your own playground. And, while we’re not out there flouting our personal whims, disdain, hubris, sobriety (or lack thereof) and other attention-getting boas (that’s a metaphor) we are here and we’re watching you.

The next time you have the urge to make a general statement about a generation, think about the last time a geezer said something stereotypical of GenY and how you felt when it did not apply to you.

Age brings wisdom, tolerance, patience and understanding, not just old age.

And, age also brings the discretion that is the better part of valor. Like not tweeting out an opinion about a trial that a “geezer” judge trusts you to take seriously.