Donuts and Business

I’m beginning to worry a bit.. some of my best business theories are based on donuts…

Give em a show
When Jim and I were at the 2002 USYSA conference, we stayed at the Luxor… the Luxor is connected to Excaliber by way of a tunnel.. in that tunnel, we came upon a group of people (mostly adults!) pressing against the glass of one of the shops. As we got closer, we discovered the stuff behind the window was a Krispy Kreme donut factory… They were just making donuts, but there was one heck of a show going on. Moral: ALWAYS give them a show, even if you are doing the most banal thing (like frying up dough)

Look for donut holes
For those of us old enough to remember, days were when you could go to the bakery counter at Cubs or Krogers and they would give you a bag of donut holes for free… they were just waste and were going to get thrown out anyway. Then, all of a sudden, they started SELLING the holes. Tim Horton’s even brands these things as Tim Bits in cute little carry packages, etc. Didn’t cost the bakeries more.. they were already frying up the holes… Moral: look for donut holes in your business.