Egypt and all that jazz

I don’t know crap about Egyptian politics. There, I said it. And I think I’m the only blogger who has any political interest out there that is going to. The rest are just faking it with bravado or ideology and hoping you won’t notice.

Until a couple days ago, most political bloggers and news show pundits probably didn’t even know where Eqypt was. They all raced to Wikipedia to look it up, then Googled the history of Egypt for some facts and timelines, cobbled together some quick opinions based on what was running on CNN at the time and posted blogs and tweets. Then, they RTed tweets and other blog posts that supported their over-reaching ideology that supported their world view of “repressed freedoms=bad” and “overthrowing dictator=good.”

They bravely cheer on the protestors from the safety of their living rooms and basement hovels through twitter and Facebook as if they were right there on the streets with the protestors, marching in defiance agains the evil oppressors of human freedoms. Yea us!

Right-wing bloggers nodded in righteous unison claiming George Bush was right the entire time about freedoms in the Middle East. They gasped in disbelief that President Obama had not yet called Mubarak demanding he resign. The left is well.. I don’t know where they stand other than to denounce human rights abuses and demand life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and Internet. And the tech middle just wants to claim one for social media. Go Facebook! Score for Twitter!

And nobody in the United States knows anything about the Muslim Brotherhood, just like nobody really knew anything about al Qaeda after 9/11. But we were all experts!

While I admittedly don’t know anything about Egyptian politics, I do know with 97.65% certainty that 94.3% of all bloggers and pundits who have an opinion on Egypt don’t know what they are talking about. They are simply taking some “facts” and mashing them into their world view and spitting it out on the other end.

Can we all just butt out of this unless we know what we are talking about? Or do I need to remind you about the last time we butted into the business of a sovereign country uninvited without understanding the ethnic and religious makeup of the country? (That would be Iraq for those of you who have already forgotten.)