Election Message to Gen-Y

Do you care who wins this election? Here is why you should.

If you are 24 now, you will be 28 when McCain/Palin runs for president again in 2012. Incumbents are almost always favored to win elections, so most likely they will win four more years. That will make you 32 years old. Four years after that when we vote for another president, you will be 36.

No candidate really cares about what is important to a 24-year old. But, they do care about what is important to someone who is 36. What issues will be important to you when you are 36? Will you have kids? Will you own a home? Will you have a job that pays your health insurance? Will you be healthy? Will your parents still live independently? Will they still be able to help you when you need it? Will they have to choose between buying their grandchildren birthday presents or medication? Will your parents be one of the now 47 million who live without health insurance? Will they fall victim to bankruptcy because they had a stroke and insurance just got too expensive at their age? Will we have continued to drill our way out of our energy problems or have we started to look at other ways of powering our nation? How big will China really be? How important will our economy, culture and way of life that the GOP wishes to preserve be? Will the USA look like a boxer way past his prime or a regenerated culture that has learned how to grow old with grace and pass the baton with passion and dignity?

Will you look back at your 24-year-old self from your 36-year-old self and ask why you didn’t care enough to get involved?

You are not risking the next four years of your life by not getting involved. You are risking your entire formative adulthood where you will most likely choose a community, start a family, buy a home and have a dog (please, have a dog. We’re a lot of fun and we’re really smart!) You are risking the first 4-5 years of your childrens’ lives and the last 10-20 of your parents. And, you probably owe them at least one month’s rent already.

Do you want to live in a country that raises the human spirit, endorses the ideal that says human being can do anything they can dream or do you want to live in a country where new ideas are evil, sarcasm is the new rhetoric and your political opposite is your sworn enemy?

The time to decide is now. You’re not getting younger.

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