Everything I ever learned about life was reaffirmed during my recent home improvement project

Maybe not everything, but a lot of stuff.

Recently, (ok, way back in June) I started to tear out the ’70s era paneling, carpet and ceiling in the last room of my house that needed to be re-done. I also tore out an old shower stall and while I was at it, tore out all the sheetrock, flooring and plumbing. In short, I had two rooms down to the bare studs.


4 Replies to “Everything I ever learned about life was reaffirmed during my recent home improvement project”

  1. You’re are a funny “dog”! I do take exception to the part about not taking advice from your spouse unless you want to share the blame. 🙂

    I do agree with “tools do not take the place of skill”. Tools are easy to buy. Skill comes with practice whether it’s home improvement or relationships.

    BTW – I could name all the tools in my dad’s toolbox at the age of 5. Some of his buddies found that very impressive for a little girl.

  2. @Pixie It was a side wink to “no matter how much you think you know, it is better to ‘compromise’ than to fight.. even if you are right, you will lose 🙂 Impressive at any age.. even I look at tools and can’t remember why I bought it… it could be age the other way 🙂

  3. so often i hear people say they wish they would’ve just spent the little extra money for the quality product. it will save you a lot of headache if you just spend the extra time and money looking for something that will last a long time rather than cut corners to save a few bucks. the old saying is true, you get what you pay for.

  4. @Tony If you buy quality, you cry once. If you buy crap, you cry every time you use it. Goes double for anything you stick into your house you have to live in.

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