Facebook Places. Only because everyone else is writing about it

Let the world know you are at the Grand Canyon and your 60″ flat screen TV can be easily removed from your wall and that thieves will also have enough time to search for all the cables and the remote, maybe even have a cup of coffee to relax after loading it into the van.

Geotag your photos so people know exactly where you live and what you have, where you go and when you’ll be there.

Read how someone else experienced the Golden Gate Bridge so you don’t have to think too hard for an original thought. Just add a “I totally agree” button to everything you do.

This is dangerous, people. Time to think about who you are online. Time to think about who you want to be off line as well.

PS Guy eating with his baby (2:27). Really? You had to check in during dinner with your wife and baby? Does anyone else what to be married to this douche?


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2 Responses to Facebook Places. Only because everyone else is writing about it

  1. Michael says:

    Think of all the creative new ways that politicians can interact with their constituents socially with the new “I totally agree” button. Someone complains on the campaign Facebook page, just click “I totally agree” and the problem is solved. 😉

  2. Rufus says:

    I think FOX is already doing this 🙂