What do the FAFSA (Free Application for Student Financial Aid) and the SBA (Small Business Association) Web sites have in common? Take a look at the layout below.

If you have ever filled out the dinosaur of the crappy FAFSA Web site with their PIN number application process, their endless parade of multi-page question forms, their cryptically-coded questions that only a lawyer (and a really bad one at that) could actually understand and their “browser technical requirements” that either scream “I’m on the payroll of Microsoft!!” or “The developers here only had a rudimentary point-click public-school education” than you can only guess at how useful the SBA site is!

I didn’t even bother going beyond the front page as my expectations of bureaucratic morass and overly-lawyered language were already satisfied just looking at the design. Yeah, wonder why small business is fed up with Washington.