Fair weather trainers

I was watching an episode of It’s Me or the Dog yesterday and it struck me that I have never seen a show from Cesar Millan or Victoria Stilwell where they were training folks how to walk their dogs in the snow and ice.

Here’s me in the middle of the day. Charlie weights 100 pounds and wants to go, go, go. Sallie weights 70 pounds and wants to dawdle and sniff. The temperature is about 15 degrees, so I have a hat down to my eyes and over my ears, boots for slogging through the snow and ice, gloves on to keep my hands from freezing and limiting what I can clasp and unclasp and somewhere mid walk, I have a couple of bags of crap grasped firmly in my hands.

My neighbors don’t shovel the walkways, the city doesn’t really plow neatly and the cars on the subdivision arteries really don’t care that you have dogs and leashes and bags of crap.

And all the while, both dogs pulling ever so slightly one way or the other with their four-paw traction, threatening to topple me from my precarious two-paw traction perch.

Training dogs to walk in fair weather is easy. Now, do it in snow and cold.

Victoria or Cesar, we’re waiting.

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