Federal Government, have your meetings in Dayton, Ohio. We have no fun here!

An open letter sent to President Obama today. I sure hope he takes us up on our offer. Our hotels and restaurants could sure use the business.

If you are interested in seeing the real letter with our logo, Rufus’ signature and everything, just click here for the PDF. We’ll keep you updated here and on Twitter with any reply.

July 22, 2009

The President of the United States of America
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President;

In 1991, I moved to Dayton, Ohio for Huffy Corporation. It was a happening town, with lots of companies here; General Motors, Mead, NCR, Motoman, and many, many others. Since then, however, many of our larger corporations have left or downsized drastically, taking with them a vibrant arts and entertainment community. There is nothing to do in Dayton, Ohio. I can’t remember the last time someone came to Dayton on vacation.

Many would see this as a depressing state of affairs, but I see it as an opportunity.

In today’s Wall Street Journal, there is an article on page A6 that claims many government agencies considering meeting should stay away from “Fun City.” I say, Come to Dayton! Our nightlife is non-existent, the adult entertainment industry consists of cable TV in hotel rooms and gambling is illegal.

We have a large airport just a few miles north with easy access to every major city, a vibrant restaurant row on I70-75 that supports almost every low-cost chain restaurant available and a large Air Force base (WPAFB) that will make security in and out very convenient. In short, we have everything here in Dayton that will ensure that no matter how much fun you WANT to have, we will make sure that Federal employees have none. And, when they boast they have been to Dayton, Ohio every taxpayer will believe that their money has been well spent; and saved.

We hope you will consider our open offer to schedule your next and subsequent meetings for the Executive branch in Dayton, Ohio. If you have any further questions, I can be reached on Twitter by tweeting @dogwalkblog or through my web site at http://www.dogwalkblog.com It’s Great in Dayton, but not that much fun!


Chief Walking Officer

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