Finally! Good BBQ in Englewood, Ohio


Finally, we have a good BBQ place in Englewood. When JD Custard closed for the season, the Oinkadoodlemoo Smoky BBQ trailer pulled in and smoke started pouring from the chimney stack. It took a while for me to stop in, but once I got there, wonderful stuff! I had the pulled park sandwich and it was loaded with pork. Light sauce, very tender, good pork flavor.

Mark and Ralph were really cool and sat and talked for a spell. Mark says that if you are walking your dog and you get a hankering from some pork, chicken or beef, just knock on the window to order. AND I think they may even try a “just for us dogs” smoked bologna sandwich, cut out like a paw print. I can’t wait to try one, so I hope to get that tweet soon.

They are in the same building as JD Custard, but don’t worry, JD’s will be back there in the summer serving up custard along with Oinkadoodlemoo’s great food. (Be sure to stop by and order your Christmas custard. You only have up to November 19, so hurry in. Or order online.)

Support local. Get your BBQ from Oinkadoodlemoo. And them them Rufus sent you! (It gets me nothing other than making sure a good business stays in business.)

Disclaimer: No free BBQ or any other product was given or any money paid as an inducement for this review. I did it cause these folks are friendly and they make a mean pulled pork sandwich.