First came the rib, then the chicken, then the egg; Waffle House humor

A few weeks ago, I drove by the Bolts Sports Café in Englewood, Ohio (not really a café… more like a local bar with sorta good ribs, wings and no loud music like the BW3 across the street) and saw this sign. I took a picture of it thinking that would make a really good follow-up joke to my earlier Waffle House post about which came first, the chicken or the egg.

As it turns out, I was wrong with my earlier conclusion and Bolts had the answer all along, not Waffle House. The chicken was actually created from a rib. The chicken then created the egg which then started that whole cycle. All the signs are there; Sunday, rib, chicken. It’s in the Bible; just look it up.

That was the joke part. I know, it was a long stretch around to get there, but it was really just an excuse to get you to read the lower part of this post. And to think just a little deeper about some of the more common parts of this country; the bedrock people who are its foundation, who we may find too easy to take for granted.

Today, Paul Anater sent me a tweet about a Waffle House story in the WSJ and how they rush to open their stores after natural disasters. The more cynical capitalist nature would rub that it is to try and make money as quickly as possible. But having spent more time in a Waffle House than I will ever admit to my hoity-toity well-dressed friends, I know that is not the reason.

The reason is exactly what Reggie Smith said at the end of the article.

“They’re displaced from their life,” he said. “This is a brief bit of normal.”

He knows that in his soul. It is exactly why Waffle House has fiercely loyal customers, despite the jokes made at their expense. It is what renews my faith in the American People in spite of the childish, ignorant and stupid behavior we see on tv day after day.

Congress, take a moment, order some coffee and hash browns and listen to Reggie — really, really listen — and you listen to us all.