Five reasons dogs are better than a therapist

5. Dogs never ask you how you feel about anything.
4. Dogs charge nothing to listen
3. Dogs will never complain if you run over the scheduled time or take a different path.
2. Dogs are not scared of demons or monsters and will always be there with you when you face them.
1. Dogs will never, ever tell another living soul what you said to them, not even if they get subpoenaed

What are your five reasons?

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5 Responses to Five reasons dogs are better than a therapist

  1. Andrea says:

    6. Dogs model what we spend years in therapy trying to learn:
    • if they’re pissed off, they express it, and it’s over – no grudges, no accumulation of baggage.
    • they communicate directly, and aren’t afraid to tell you what they like and don’t like.
    7. Dogs don’t leave town for the entire month of August.
    8. Your dog will lay her head in your lap and look up at you with soulful eyes; your therapist probably shouldn’t.
    9. If you enjoy watching your therapist napping in the sunlight, you have a bigger problem than you thought.
    10. If you love your therapist, it’s transference. If you love your dog, it’s love.

  2. Becky says:

    6. They are always the same, no matter what day of the week it is, or how crappy a day you had.
    7. They are good for hugging.
    8. They will happily prewash your dinner plates for the dishwasher.
    9. They keep you warm.
    10. They are excellent bedside nurses & never catch what you have.

  3. Rufus says:

    #7 Hugging and #8 prewash definite pluses around here!

  4. Rufus says:

    #6 a skill I wish most people would learn! They always move forward, each day a new one

  5. Andrea says:

    Oh, yes, the “prewash!” And the vacuuming up of spills and crumbs.