GenY, get off your a** and vote, you jackwagon!

Yeah, that’s the old geezer me yelling at you to go vote. Does a blog post from a geezer voter make a really bad motivational speech to go vote?

Probably, but I’m doing it anyway.

This is not the first time I’ve read about GenY pouting about being ignored and protesting by not voting. The five reasons listed sound more like excuses than reasons. Did you all not overcome these obstacles for the 2008 election? Did you do it for yourself or for Barack Obama?

And now you are not voting as some sort of protest? Who pays attention to people who don’t speak up?

Nobody, that’s who.

Not speaking up is the same as agreeing.

If you don’t vote, you are just giving the folks who win a reason to ignore you and take advantage of you. Will you look back at your 24-year-old self from your 36-year-old self and ask why you didn’t care enough to get involved? Do you really want people in power to ignore your point of view, even when you’ve taken the time to write a letter, find a stamp and mail it?

People we vote into Congress have very real power. Congress is not like some Facebook protest group or Twitterstorm. A vote cast in Congress affects millions of actual lives. A vote in Congress puts people back to work or puts them out of work; decides whether they get health care or dies in an ER from a treatable condition; takes away their home or stops banks from foreclosing. While it may not seem like much, one vote begets another and another and another. Just like you may only be able to whisper as one person, when gathered together, you are deafening.

WIll you be proud of you or will you still be pouting?

Manup. Vote.

NOTE: The voice in my head while writing this was R. Lee Ermey in the Geico commercial. Click here to view in YouTube if you have not seen it.


4 Replies to “GenY, get off your a** and vote, you jackwagon!”

  1. Sometimes life doesn’t give you a lot of good choices so you choose the one that inflicts the least amount of harm. Adults do this all the time; children just pout and sulk.

  2. I think the lesser of two evils thing is the way to go, unfortunately. Gen Y does it’s fair amount of pouting on the sidelines, I’ll give you that. But with youth comes idealism, and a lot of my generation just can’t wrap their heads around the lesser of two evils philosophy.

    Instead of telling us to get off our asses and vote, try to understand where we’re coming from and tell us to get active – with grassroots movements, calling our representatives, and going the distance to try to change the evil, not participate in the cycle of it.

    Just a Gen Y’s humble opinion…

  3. Firstly, trying real hard to make a “get off my lawn” and “grassroots” joke. It ain’t happening 🙂

    Seriously, though sometimes GenY goes at change like a head-butting contest. Nobody ever wins that and everyone just walks away with a headache. There are two dogs here at the Dog Walk, Sallie and Charlie. Sallie is smaller, but has better traction on the ground. Charlie is HUGE, has 30 pounds on her and runs faster. And Sallie most always wins in a game of wrestling simply because she never takes Charlie head-on. She pushes him over from underneath. And she never gives up, even when it looks like she is losing.

    So, get active, but don’t head butt. Topple from below. And never give up. That starts with a vote 🙂

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