Get on with the real work

I sometimes find myself feeling a little guilty playing around Twitter or reading blogs, watching videos; all in an effort to stave off doing any real work.

But then I come across stuff like this where the Pennsylvania house is seriously debating a bill to ban students from having cell phones in school.

What planet are these guys on? Is Pennsylvania not in the same recession the rest of us are in? Is this just busy work for politicians? Have they already created all the jobs that Pennsylvanians need and just need something to do? Do they know how ridiculous and out-of-touch this makes them look to the rest of us out here trying to scratch out a living doing real work?

The height of silly.

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  1. Politicians need to spend a day on the assembly line or working the nightshift at Denny’s. Then, perhaps, they would stop spending their time and our money trying to implement frivolous policies.

    And the rest of us could get back to Twitter.

  2. Why is debating a bill on cell phones in our educational system not real work? Have you ever been a teacher? Have you ever fought with high schoolers to turn off their cell phones, dealt with the disruption in class, fought with know it all parents who disregard the teacher as just being a bitch?
    Penn. school systems are obviously having problems getting students (well, really PARENTS) to enforce the school districts’ policy.

    I don’t understand why debating a bill that was brought forth by the Penn people and school districts is not working… argue their annual golf trips, holiday parties, and expensive lunches are not work….but debating a bill?

  3. @sophie Does this kind of thing really belong at the state level? Do we need state senators debating Johnny having a cell phone in class? If so, we probably really then need to examine the effectiveness of our principals, superintendents and school boards.

    I want my highly-paid senators working on jobs bills and school funding that ensures text books and art programs, not cell phone discipline.

  4. Rufus,
    I agree. I think the schools are hurting…both in support from the parents and the community. Only top notch people should be running our schools, but it is more likely subpar people who aim to please the parents and whining kids versus doing what’s right.

    State government should discuss (I am not saying it is always done so) what is important to the state residents. If cell phones in schools is causing strain on the general population of Penn, then so be it.

    If you look into a room from a window, you are only seeing the room at a single angle. In reality, the room is full of angles, views, and perceptions. To get a true, fully knowledgeable view of the has to step inside and investigate ALL of it. 🙂

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